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  • Port Elizabeth

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  • 6B Schadie Road, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Longitude: 25.588542
  • Latitude: -33.925534
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  • Our products are charged per running meter of material manufactured and installed. We measure and quote according to clients needs.

Rates Disclaimer

  • Rates may vary and reduced rates may apply to additional persons. All rates are indicative only, may be seasonal and are subject to change without notice.


  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • German
  • Dutch / Flemish

Payment Options

  • Bank Deposit (EFT)

Business Hours

  • Monday 7:00-16:00

    Tuesday 7:00-16:00

    Wednesday 7:00 - 16:00

    Thursday 7:00-16:00

    Friday 7:00-1600

About No C ®

Founded in 2008 No C  is an established loacl family business, operating in Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas.

No C® supplies high quality, transparent burglar bars and security doors, custom-manufactured and installed professionaly, as well as Glaze LoC, a hidden security measure against the silent removal of glass panes from their frames.

We pride ourselves in high quality products and excellent service at an affordable price, striving to supply piece of mind with security solutions made to blend in. The minimalist look and see-through material offers security without obstructing views or creating a feeling of confinement.

The unique design of No C products allows for stronger and more secure anchoring. Every window/door is assessed with applied knowledge and expertise and the security system adapted to fit existing profiles or constellations thereof.

No C burglar bars consist of 40x6mm Polycarbonate bars anchored in rectangular Aluminium tubing, which is anchored to your existing window frame with at least 4 rivets/screws per bar. The Aluminium is closely matched to the colour of the existing frames for maximum blending. Spacing of the bars is calculated according to the height of the window. Again, individual treatment of profiles allows for the stronger and visually most pleasing integration into the existing window and/or door.

NoC security doors are manufactured with the same principle of Polycarbonate bars securely mounted in heavy- duty Aluminium profiles - as stacker, sliding or hinged doors. The security doors are also custom-made for ideal retro-fit in matching colour to existing doors and fitted with strong, high quality locks and moving parts.

Glaze LoC prevents the removal of glass from window frames. It is a small clip inserted into the window frame, secured with a temper-free screw and covered by a bead clip (Aluminium window) or putty (wooden window), to offer an additional layer of security to protect against silent entry. This product is also availabke as DIY.

Map and Directions to No C ®

Follow from Langenhooven Street into Kempston Road. Corner of Kempston and Juta Road, turn left into Juta follow Juta, 4th Street on left is Schadie Rd. Our premises are situated next to Lukas Abrasives.