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  • 80 Albert Road
    Port Elizabeth

Rates Disclaimer

  • Rates may vary and reduced rates may apply to additional persons. All rates are indicative only, may be seasonal and are subject to change without notice.


  • English
  • Afrikaans

About Work 4 A Living

Centres where the unemployed youth are taught how to: 

1. Work with excellence 

2. Start businesses and 

3. Ultimately, help themselves career wise 

Once a WORK 4 A LIVING programme has been completed, students are assisted to: 

  • Present themselves in an interview 
  • Find employment (though our Job Centre or on their own) 
  • Start a business (with the help of our Business School) 
  • Do further skills training (at our Computer Lab or Skills Centre) 
  • Further their education (Redo Gr 12 or Tertiary education)

Empowering people with the Job Skills and Entrepreneurial Skills to support themselves and their families; Empowerment is not “getting people out of Poverty”. True Empowerment is giving people a HOPE and a FUTURE; Helping people understand that they can and have to control their Resources and Worldview