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Thursday, 1st April 2021

Article by Marguerite Smit

“Kindness is spreading sunshine into other people’s lives regardless of the weather.” – RAKtivist.

Its Easter Weekend, and with COVID-19 cancelling all plans for large easter egg hunts, what can you do to keep your kids entertained, match their egg-hunt expectations, keep the family safe from COVID-19 exposure and ensure you retain your sanity?

Well… the answer literally lies at your feet, not with rocks in your head, but painted rocks in hand.




If you haven’t heard, the rock-painting-seek-and-find viral trend has been in our metro for a short while and taken the Bay by storm. It’s a simple concept, people, both young and old paint rocks as and how the creative inspiration strikes, and then hide the rock outdoors for others to find and collect.

The trend started in 2015 when Megan Murphy, a local Cape Cod resident wrote “You’ve got this” on a rock and left it on a beach in Cape Cod in the USA. After a friend found it, she started leaving more and more rocks with inspirational messages for others to find, and it started a world-wide trend! I bet she had no idea it would go viral and blossom into what is known today as, The Kindness Rock Project. 


Found by Carla, age 5 at Norm-Hudlin & Colin age 4 at African Sky

There are so many amazing benefits to rock painting; getting kids and family’s outdoors, social-emotional developing for children, practicing random acts of kindness, encouraging positive self-talk, developing games, identifying emotions, nurturing empathy for others and working together just to name a few. 

The excitement is not only in planning and painting your own rocks, but in finding places to hide them, and then in the spirit of the Easter-egg hunt, finding rocks others have hidden. It’s better than finding a message in a bottle, because now with the added benefit of technology you can actually see how your painted rock impacted someone else’s life and just where your painted rock has travelled to on its inspiration journey. And I promise, it brings joy to all walks of life, even grumpy Dad’s get hooked. 

So, here’s how it works; generally, rocks are either painted as you like, or inspirational messages are written on them. Then on the back, you label your rock with #PE ROCKS. Then off you go and hide those rocks outdoors in public spaces across town. When you find one, you take a pic of it with your phone camera and then hide it in a different spot. When you get home you go to the Face Book page: PE Rocks and sign-up and post your rock-find pic. However, if a certain rock speaks to your heart, you’re also welcomed to keep it – it’s about spreading the love. A kind of pay it forward – with rocks…



Imtiyaaz, age 4 hiding rocks at Sacramento and finding some at Norm-Hudlin


Some of the best places to find hidden rocks in the Bay include Norm-Hudlin, Baakens Valley, Sardinia Bay Golf and Wildlife Estate, African Sky, Schoenmakerskop, PECG Trails, Grass Roof & the beachfront, just to name a few. But keep your eyes peeled, they appear in the strangest of places to brighten your day! 



Found at Norm-Hudlin by 6-year-old Leandro and his 10-year-old sister Mari-Lo.


From a health perspective its much better than an Easter egg hunt; no sugar-rush that comes with that filled up egg basket, no overloaded parents!! More importantly though, it brightens up your day filling your soul with sunshine and all the while generating endorphins. What more could you ask for over a long weekend?



Found at Norm-Hudlin by Olivia age 7



Painted by Debbie Strick


And if the rock-paint-hide-hunt is done and dusted here’s some other things you can do over the weekend:


April 3, 2021 - Running Wild Trail Run. This event is in support of the Anti-Poaching Units (APU) in the area, the unseen heroes of conservation. The trails will give you an idea of what APU have to endure on a daily basis and will challenge you in every aspect.

The event has three trails for you to choose from; 

  1.  Short and Sweet 4,1km, 
  2.  Intermediate 8,6km and finally, 
  3.  Extreme 12.2km.

The event will be hosted on Bellevue Forest Reserve, 11km North of Paterson on the corner of the N10 and Alicedale turn-off. Book your place R200/per person at


April 3, 2021 - Reach Easter Egg Hunt free of charge and hosted at 15:00 by Reach Summerstrand.


April 3, 2021 - Windsong Bohemian Easter Market. Come and join our wonderful tribe of artists, creatives, creators, growers and makers at this event for a day of eating, drinking, music, and celebrating Autumn and Easter with your friends and family. Bring a blanket, some camping chairs and spread out on the lawns or under the trees – there’s more than enough space. The market has a relaxed, easy-going vibe, wonderful people, eclectic goods on sale and some food vendors who will make your taste buds sing! The Market’s food stalls cater for everyone including vegans and vegetarians. Entry into this unique, truly authentic Bohemian market is FREE and always will be. Well-socialized dogs on leash are most welcome – there’s a watering station for them too. Lots of safe parking! Voortrekkers, Broadway Avenue, Sunridge Park. Saturday 09:00-14:00.


01 April – 01 June, 2021 – The Athenaeum Open Call Exhibition. In order to put a spotlight on the artists of the Nelson Mandela Bay and wider Southern and Eastern Cape Region, The Athenaeum will be hosting an Open Call Exhibition from 01 April 2021 to 01 June 2021 leading to a Grand Exhibition Event in late July 2021. You are all invited to come and have a look at Artworks available for purchase.


During this Easter Weekend, let’s all be safe, brave, daring and creative. Let’s inspire each other to be kind, creative and caring – the world needs more of that! 


“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart