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  • Cape Recife Nature Reserve, Cape Recife, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

  • Longitude: 25.690357
  • Latitude: -34.01312
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Be Apart Of Nature - Never Apart

What is Samrec?

In 2000 the reality of the Coega project and the possible threat to the marine ecosystem raised many issues amongst conservationists and the business sector. With the increased shipping traffic i Algoa Bay, the threat of an oil spill or indiscriminate dumping of bunker oil became a mounting concern.

As a result, SAMREC, the South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre Trust was established. The centre offers visitors a unique and interesting insight into the world of the marine life of Algoa Bay and the challenges it faces. Today the centre rescues all marine animals but concentrates primarily on marine birds, specifically the endangered African penguin.

Caring For The Sea and Its Creatures

Samrec SeaSchool

Our SAMREC Sea School educated the general public and the marine coastal users about the need for the centre and the dangers facing our marine life.

Schools and organisations visit us for lessons on a variety of topics ranging from the plight of the penguin to the insects of the Cape Recife Nature Reserve to the struggles of shipwreck survivors. Through the exploration of the rock pools and coastal environment and the use of visual aids such as posters, taxidermy specimens and dress-up clothing the children are involved and thoroughly enjoy the learning experience.

We have launched a four pronged attack, our aim is:

  • To form and maintain an effective coastal network to respond to any stranding's.
  • To rescue and rehabilitate animals in need of and where possible, return them to the wild.
  • To be prepared to respond to a major oil spill and rehabilitate any compromised marine life.
  • To provide research facilities and opportunities to scientists and veterinary specialists.
  • To create awareness for the need for coastal conservation.
  • To educate the public on how to care for our great asset and to save it for future generations.

Our programmes are continually being expanded to comply with teachers requests. We have also expanded into adult education and hands on experience including field work, hikes, lighthouse tours and rock pool lessons.

Our educators visit clubs, libraries, institutions, homes for the aged and the rural areas, taking sea and its creatures to children. They are encouraged to look, taste, smell, feel and hear the sea through the use of specimens. They are taught about dangers of pollution and the need for conservation.

We also offer our facilities to tertiary institutions for their post graduate students. Our hope is also to encourage research on the African Penguin and the Cape fur seal amongst others.

Flying Penguin Café

Come and visit us! Take a fun hike along the beach, explore the rock pools and take in the beauty of the area. View the Cape Recife lighthouse that has stood guard over Algoa Bay since 1851. When you have finished your adventure, come and enjoy a steaming mug of filter coffee, something cold or a scrumptious snack on our Flying Penguin Café. We are open daily to all visitors and the venue is available for small business functions and events.

Become a member of SAMREC

You can help to ensure the survival of the endangered African Penguin ad the marine life of Algoa Bay. As a SAMREC Supporter you will have free access to our facility and receive a regular newsletter informing you of the goings on at the centre.

Please visit our website for prices and more information with regards to becoming a SAMREC supporter.

Wall Of Honour

Purchase an anodised gold or silver penguin disc or a disc with an engraved plaque. Give one as a gift with a name of your choice engraved on it. The discs are displayed on the Wall Of Honour in the foyer of the SAMREC building.

Please contact us for pricing on the plaques.

Volunteer Programme

The centre is dependent on volunteers who offer any skill that could help us, we run ongoing training sessions covering all aspects of marine animal rehabilitation. Our volunteers are equipped to handle daily incidents, as well as oil spill disasters or other emergencies. The programme will also be of practical assistance to tourism and the education of students. The elderly are invited to share their skills in the administration and maintenance departments.

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